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Expect With Me is an exciting and different way to receive your prenatal care— in a group! We make sure expecting mothers get everything they need for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

The Program

By joining an Expect With Me group, you'll be getting the best prenatal care available. Created using evidence-based research, the program is built around four key concepts: Expect, Connect, Explore, and Grow. These four cornerstones will set the stage to help you meet your goals for a healthy pregnancy, healthy family, and healthy future!

  • Expect Expect
  • Connect Connect
  • Explore Explore
  • Grow Grow

When you join Expect With Me, expect great things. Expect hassle-free prenatal visits. Expect set appointment times that you know about in advance. Expect to walk right into your session without wasting time in the waiting room. Expect all of your prenatal care to be bundled together in one spot, from check-ups with your provider, to lab work, to pregnancy and birth education. Expect the support of a group of women just like you, who are due around the same time.


We understand how important a strong support system is during this special time. In addition to expert prenatal care and education, Expect With Me is a place where pregnant mothers can build community. You'll be part of a group with other women like you where you will have the opportunity to create long-lasting bonds.


Expect With Me provides important tools needed to help you emerge as a confident, healthy, and knowledgeable mother. Sessions cover a range of topics that will prepare you for a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and motherhood. Learn more about your changing body and how best to maintain both your health and your baby's. Discover new ways to create and maintain support systems and healthy relationships. Prepare yourself and your family for life after your baby comes.


Grow as both a mother and an informed patient by setting goals that will promote not only your health, but your baby's health as well. Together with your fellow group members, you will work through challenges you face and celebrate your many successes. With our helpful tools -- both in group and online -- you can set, track, and reach your goals that will pave the way toward a healthy pregnancy and birth. You can also rest easy knowing that you will find support in reaching your goals both in group sessions and online.

Stay Connected
The Power of Support
Seeing Your Provider - When?
Seeing Your Provider - How?

Our personalized website gives you extra opportunities to explore your pregnancy and connect with fellow group members. Contribute to group discussions in our online forums and encourage each other along the way. Review more pregnancy resources, track your blood pressure and weight, and keep tabs on personal goals! Take advantage of your own private online journal, where you can record the thoughts, hopes, and challenges you experience during your pregnancy. There is even a free, customizable, online birth announcement to send to your loved ones once your baby arrives!


Expect With Me welcomes family members to the group. Their input, participation and support is valued and encouraged. Because of this, keep in mind that you will sometimes find men joining in during group discussions.

Seeing Your Provider: When?

Expect With Me is unique because it combines different parts of your prenatal care into each two-hour session. From check-ins with your provider to childbirth education, you will find it all in your group. During each session you will have one-on-one time with your provider. This check-in takes place during the first 30 minutes of the session.

Seeing Your Provider: How?

During every Expect With Me session you will get private, one-on-one time with your provider. He or she will check in with you about your pregnancy and you will have a chance to ask questions you'd rather not bring up in front of the group. These check-ins take place apart from the group, so you get the best of both worlds—dedicated time with your provider and group interaction.

Why Choose Expect With Me...

Expect With Me improves health outcomes for babies, moms, and the whole family. Research has shown that by participating in group prenatal care:

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How the Program Benefits You

Expect With Me is designed to help you take control of your prenatal care so that as your belly grows, you too can grow as a healthy, knowledgeable, and strong mother. By actively participating in each session, you will receive all the tools and support you need to meet the joys and challenges of your pregnancy.

In addition to getting top-notch prenatal care, you will get so much more. Not only will you be checking in with your health care provider as often as you would in a traditional setting, but you will also have the guidance, support, and encouragement from a trained facilitator and the other moms in your group!

By joining Expect With Me you will have the opportunity to gain the skills and support needed for a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby, healthy family and healthy future!

Our Locations

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Center for Women's Health at Northcrest

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most common questions we get about the Expect With Me program.

What is Expect With Me?

Expect With Me (EWM) is a different way for pregnant women to receive prenatal care—in a group! You will attend regular, two-hour group sessions with other expecting moms who are due around the same time as you. You will get all of your medical care for a healthy pregnancy and baby during these two hours PLUS, you get the support of other moms-to-be!

How is Expect With Me different from traditional pregnancy care?

Expect With Me takes the waiting and hassle out of prenatal visits. Groups have set appointment times and stick to a set schedule — no sitting in waiting rooms or exam rooms. All of your care is provided during group, including check-ups with your doctor or midwife in a private part of the room. EWM combines everything that you need and expect in your prenatal care: education, support, and expert medical care. The best part about group prenatal care is that improves the health of both pregnant moms and their babies!

Is Expect With Me covered by insurance?

Yes! Expect With Me replaces traditional, individual prenatal care appointments, and is billed the same way by insurance.

Will I still get to talk to my provider alone?

Yes. During each session you'll have private time with your provider. You will be able to check in and ask any questions you may not feel comfortable asking during group.

I'm not sure how I feel sharing my health issues with a group.

We respect each woman's individual health information and will keep that private. Group is a safe space and you can talk about what you are comfortable sharing. You aren't required to share at all if you don't want to.

Two hours? That seems like a long time.

You may be surprised by how fast it seems to go! Your provider will guide the group through interactive discussions and fun activities and spend time answering questions important to YOU and the other moms. Most women prefer this format, rather than a 10-minute, rushed appointment with your provider where you think of your questions after she's already left to see her next patient. And remember, you get everything you need in one place! No need to take extra classes and no more long waits to be seen.

Can my partner attend Expect With Me?

Yes! You are welcome to bring a support person along—your spouse/partner, your sister, mom, or a friend—anyone you choose! It's also completely fine to come by yourself. In most groups, there is a mix of moms who attend with a support person and moms who attend by themselves.

Are children allowed to attend Expect With Me?

Because we want you to be able to focus on all the different things happening during your session, we don't encourage bringing children under 12 with you. However, each site may have different policies about kids attending group as well as suggestions for child-care options, so please check in with your facilitator to find out more.

How often do groups meet?

Once a month at first, then every two weeks as your due date gets closer. You will receive detailed information, including a schedule of all your group appointments.

What happens if I can't make it to a session?

We encourage you to attend all of your scheduled Expect With Me appointments. Our research shows that the more groups you attend, the healthier you and your baby will be! But we understand if you have to miss a session. In this way, it's no different than missing a “regular” prenatal appointment. You and your provider will need to decide if a “make up” appointment would be necessary. If not, you can just attend your next group session as planned.

You also have the opportunity to check in with your group via our personalized website. You can review resources from any missed sessions as well as message fellow group members to find out what you may have missed. You are also able to participate in the regular discussions that happen on our website as well.

Interested in starting your own Expect With Me program?

If you are interested in acquiring a license to use the Expect With Me program, please contact us at